For just $20, IEEE membership is a one-way ticket to building your future and network! Engaging in activities and leadership opportunities enhances your development and employment value more than what university experience can provide alone. Here is a video that will inform you about everything you need to know from one of our proud student branch community from American International University-Bangladesh. 

  • Over 120 events held across the state
  • Local Mentor Program consisted of industry members
  • Discounted Registration Fees at IEEE conferences
  • FREE networking and dinner at UNITE valued over $55
  • Discounted $55 dinner and networking at Section AGM
  • IEEE Spectrum
  • Monthly-free e-book
  • Four (3 female, 1 male) $750 grants to attend the WIE International Leadership Summit in Brisbane
  • Funding opportunities (IEEE Sight) and to Humanitarian and Sustainable Development Conferences
  • A range of International Competitions
  • Section leadership/governance opportunities
  • IEEE UNITE exhibition and networking night
  • Section AGM and dinner
  • Commencement of NSW Section Outstanding Volunteer Awards
  • Supporting school teacher via TSSP
  • IEEE magazine
  • Over $3500 spent on student communities on networking lunches, field trips, technical activities and other professional development opportunities

And much, much more!

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