02 May

IEEE Standards Forum

Dear IEEE Student Member,
Standards are the life blood of innovative industry. Come participate in the forum where you will exchange ideas and learn from IEEE Standard Association’s experience developing some of the most exciting and revolutionary technology standards in the world, that drive innovation and progress for the next 30years!
You can be part of this initiative and may be get a certificate of attendance for participating in the events of the day.
We the members of the IEEE Joint Chapter, Communications, Signal Processing and Ocean Engineering look forward to seeing you all at the Forum.
RSVP essential: odsouza@ieee.org, sgj@ieee.org

IEEE Standards Forum
Meeting your needs for reliable standards in cooperation with Industry and Local Entities
Meet industry experts and standards developers at the
Mitchell Theatre, SMSA 280 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (Tel:02 9262 7300)
On Tuesday, 17th May16 between 14:00Hrs to 16:00Hrs followed by finger food & discussions
RSVP: odsouza@ieee.org, sgj@ieee.org, so we can reserve your seat for you at the discussion table
The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) would like to meet industry experts and people who depend on the evolution and development of strong easy to understand standards that help different industries “connect” and perform effectively. The IEEE is well known for many ubiquitous standards which have made it easier for industry to flourish like the IEEE 802.XX family of networking standard adopted the world over.

Mr Sri Chandrasekaran from IEEE Standards Association will present to you IEEE-SA’s goals and objectives which include the participation of industry experts in various working committees to propose and work towards establishing standards that help industry flourish. He will answer questions like “How can one engage with IEEE-SA in standards development” & “The importance of standards to both Industry and other stakeholders”.

General Focus:
Share in IEEE’s proven approach to ensure the rapid introduction of new technologies to market and experience in delivering complete standards development from technology incubation to standard adoption and promotion. Listen to invited speakers from industry and Standards Australia on the benefits of standards to industry in general. IEEE welcomes your participation in standards development, collaboration and industry leadership.