04 Jul

Free eBooks

One advantage of an IEEE membership is a free eBook each month. This month the book is Shaping an Engineering Career – Book 2: Dual Career Ladders. At some point in their careers, engineers may discover what is known as the ‘dual ladder’ in the corporate structure, the choices being to continue in the technical project aspects of their career, or the opportunity of moving into the management side of their careers. In many corporations, once the choice is made, there is no re-direct; it is either technical or management from that point forward. There are, however, those corporations which provide a true dual ladder structure. In those instances, the person involved can move back and forth, from technical to manage-ment and back again, depending on the needs of the individual or corp-oration. While the choice may seem easy, there are a number of aspects of each path that one should consider, prior to making a decision on any given opportunity. The two authors of this e-book chose the Dual Career Ladder path during their long-term careers at IBM.
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