01 Nov

Mock Presentation Session – Spring

Hi All,
A mock presentation session organised by IEEE UOW Student Branch for SECTE HDR students who are getting ready for their first year research review presentations will be held.

Date : Friday, 18th November
Time : 1.00 pm
Place : 6-222

Please register for the even via,

You don’t need to be an IEEE member to attend this.

Important : No comments will be made on the research contents of the presentations. But, audience will comment on the improvements need to be done to deliver a successful presentation.

If you are getting ready for the review presentation, do not hesitate to drop an email to hpapj953@uowmail.edu.au to add you to the presenters list.

If you like, please invite your supervisors as well. (again the rule is, they can’t comment on the research contents. during this session)

Also,if there are any IP (intellectual property) related contents in your presentation, please consult your supervisors before joining to this session as a presenter.

Check following link for the tips for a good presentation..

Hope to see you all.