21 Dec

AGM & End of Year Party

The annual general meeting of IEEE UOW Student Branch was held 20th of December followed by the end of year party. The same executive committee will remain in their positions while adding few new positions to the committee.

Counsellor – Mr. Sasha Nikolic
Chair – Mr. Asanga Jayawardana
Vice-Chair – Mr. Mohamed Madni
Secretary – Mrs. Prabha Ariyarathne
Treasurer – Mr. Neng Zhang
Event Coordinator – Mr. Yuxi Ruan
Promotional Officer – Ms. Maryam Butt
Web Admin – Mr. Subir Majumdar
Women in Engineering Representative – Ms. Alanna Vial
3 X SECTE Representative – To be named later

We’ll meet you at the beginning of the new year with our ‘Lunch Time Presentation Group’ activity which is planned to run fortnightly. If you like to join the group as a presenter please check the following link.

Also, please do not forget to Renew Your IEEE Membership for year 2017.


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