08 May

Stand Out from the Crowd

Stand out From the Crowds

IEEE UOW Student Branch had organized “Stand Out from the Crowd” on 8th May, 2017. This seminar hosted Ray Brown, John Ypsilantis, and Olly D’Suza, who talked on industry leadership, consultancy, and trends in the engineering industry. After the talks, a career panel was organized, where students had the opportunity to ask our guests questions relating to their work and the industry as a whole.


02 Mar

Welcome BBQ organized by IEEE UOW Student Branch

IEEE Welcome BBQ organized by IEEE UOW Student Branch in collaboration with IEEE IAS UOW Student Branch Chapter and IEEE WIE UOW Student Branch Affinity Group was held with the participation of a lot of new and potential members.

We thank everyone for joining us to make this event a success. Also, a special thank to all the staff of School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering (SECTE) for supporting this event.



01 Feb

1st presentation of IEEE UOW student branch lunchtime presentation group

The first lunchtime presentation was held on 30th to kick start the presentations of IEEE lunchtime presentation group as well as the this year’s activities.

Thanks for Mr. Faisel Tubbal for his great presentation and all the participants.

See you all at this month’s lunch time presentation.

If you still like to join as a presenter, please sign in via following link.


21 Dec

AGM & End of Year Party

The annual general meeting of IEEE UOW Student Branch was held 20th of December followed by the end of year party. The same executive committee will remain in their positions while adding few new positions to the committee.

Counsellor – Mr. Sasha Nikolic
Chair – Mr. Asanga Jayawardana
Vice-Chair – Mr. Mohamed Madni
Secretary – Mrs. Prabha Ariyarathne
Treasurer – Mr. Neng Zhang
Event Coordinator – Mr. Yuxi Ruan
Promotional Officer – Ms. Maryam Butt
Web Admin – Mr. Subir Majumdar
Women in Engineering Representative – Ms. Alanna Vial
3 X SECTE Representative – To be named later

We’ll meet you at the beginning of the new year with our ‘Lunch Time Presentation Group’ activity which is planned to run fortnightly. If you like to join the group as a presenter please check the following link.

Also, please do not forget to Renew Your IEEE Membership for year 2017.


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18 Nov

SECTE HDR Students’ Mock Presentation Session-Spring

Every year first year Higher Degree Research (HDR) students of the school of electrical,   computer and telecommunications engineering get ready for their first year research proposal review presentation. Therefore, IEEE planned to organise two mock presentation sessions for Autumn and Spring session where they can practice the presentations as well as get the feedbacks from the members who already completed their review. This is also a good opportunity for the newly joined HDR student to get an idea about the review presentations, since the official review sessions are closed door sessions.

Snapshots of SECTE HDR Students’ Mock Presentation Session

Thanks for everyone joining the event.

15289208_376859882663227_5911501429259249240_o 15289164_376860369329845_5977734446979611355_o 15288718_376860322663183_7147875007279141890_o 15272269_376860002663215_8257753288793513649_o 15272190_376860005996548_4816839339440113215_o 15272075_376859789329903_5232549765347486260_o 15250936_376860329329849_7929333885467146315_o 15235812_376860372663178_4410695195690081975_o 15235659_376860085996540_7985775632328352818_o 15235480_376859792663236_8038973726558146542_o 15196023_376860325996516_2209068244025223986_o 15196013_376859929329889_563853513847018914_o 15194323_376859732663242_466907815196281040_o 15168740_376860079329874_5652296565754299199_o

07 Jul

SECTE HDR Students’ Mock Presentation Session-Autumn

SECTE HDR Students’ mock presentation session was held yesterday (06).

Thanks go to Arash Soroush for presenting, as well as to Dr. Ashish Agalgaonkar for giving useful comments which are really helpful for new HDR students as well, when they prepare their first year research proposal presentation.

Also, we went through the following video, which discusses 10 tips to become a better presenter. Thanks all for coming along for this event.