IEEE ULAB SB Conquest 20

You have played video games…
You have lived through their virtual worlds…
Now is the time for you to create a virtual reality of your own…
With your own imagination, characters, stories, and many more.
To give you a chance to fulfill your dream and to introduce you to the Limitless world or creativity
IEEE ULAB Student Branch
Inter-University Game Narrative Design Writing Contest
The objective of this Phase:
Write a Roleplaying storyline-based video game story with:
*Innovative PLOT
*CHARACTER Development
Computer or Mobile based video game story write-up
Judgment Criteria:
Participants need to write a unique Game Narrative following the Game Design Document (GDD) templet provided by IEEE ULAB Student Branch.
**Individual Participation
**Open for All undergraduate students of Bangladesh
The objective of this Phase:
Make a Visual representation of your idea with
*A short promo video
*Pitch Presentation about the game
*Small Implementation
There has been a Bootcamp with Team 71 on 19th September 2020
Remember “Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much”- Helen Keller
keeping that in mind Phase two will be a team effort
TEAM Criteria:
Each victor of Phase one can form a team with 2 others. Each victor must be the leader of each team. Each team member must be from the same university as the leader and they must be current Undergraduate Students. Team members can be from any department.
Team formation time: 15th September 2020 to 17th September 2020
Phase 2 submission opens: 22 September 2020
Phase 2 submission closed: 15 October 2020
*MoU signature with Team 71, Development of the winning Idea
*Unity 3D game engine for the Winner
*Full paid Udemy certification course on game development
*Winner’s Crest
*Winner’s Certificate
Runner’s Up:
*Full paid Udemy Certification Course on Game Development
*Runner’s Up Crest
*Runner’s Up Certificate
**Participation Certificate
Chance to Explore a new field
Develop relation with the industry and many more…..
Don’t miss this opportunity