IEEE ULAB Student Branch

The flyover that makes your journey to the world of infinite technological knowledge. Although we make your journey easier you have to walk the path yourself

The Story Of Our Branch


The morning of 31st March 2015 is not normal for the Engineering Department of ULAB. With a new vision and an honest intention to represent ULAB in the international field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering the IEEE ULAB Student Branch is born. with our small but dedicated members and as an example of “Quality over Quantity” the journey has started.


No journey is without obstructions. These obstructions are what makes us what we are. IEEE ULAB Student Branch had its fair share of experience in this field. With the passes of time and fighting difficulties the Student Branch and its members learnt and developed together. The Training period of IEEE ULAB Student Branch was rough but it gave us the strength to keep up.


There is no limit to development. Here at IEEE ULAB Student Branch our members work together to develop along the way. From the year 2018 IEEE ULAB Student Branch has shown its potential in different local and national competitions. Somewhere we won, somewhere we leant and with these ups and downs we grew.


The year 2020 showed us that life is unexpectable. With the global pandemic and world lockdown we all were scared and unsure of our future. “Those who adapt survive in the long run” keeping these words in mind IEEE ULAB Student Branch cleanly and quickly adapted to the new normal with its first Virtual Executive meeting on 17th March 2020. With “national virtual competition” to “expanding on social media” IEEE ULAB Student Branch has adapted to the New Normal.


IEEE ULAB Student Branch has seen many changes and chapters during its lifetime. Many ups and downs, achievements and training, IEEE ULAB Student Branch has seen them all. There will be more challenges in the future, learning from the past, IEEE ULAB Student Branch will be ready to adapt and grow.