Free and Discounts

  • Enjoy free access to Most IEEE Publications and e-books using IEEE Resources like IEEE Digital Xplorer Library or IEEE Spectrum.
  • Get discounts on different webinars,conference, workshops or competition registration.
  • Be able to participate in competitions like IEEE Xtreme exclusively for IEEE members only for free. 

Career Building

  • In today’s world most top engineering jobs demand one thing in their expected to be hired employees that is they must be open to new technologies and must have passion for learning them and for that people need to keep themself updated and here IEEE’s monthly updates on new technologies can come in very handy . Either using IEEE App or IEEE Spectrum and other resources of IEEE.
  • Use IEEE Standards provided to develop your projects and research which will enrich your resume and CV even more more as quality of a project and research are checked more carefully than the number of projects or research.


  • Build your network using IEEE Collabratec or through IEEE Mentorship program and build a path to your career much more easily
  • You can also participate in different events of IEEE and as many people from big industries participate in this events you can build up your network with them and who knows may be you might get a job right then and there.