Using Resources for Network

If in this day and age of technology you don’t form a connections and network with people the needless to say one will have a very hard time achieving accomplishments 

IEEE Collabratec

Just as the name suggests IEEE Digital library is an online library which  IEEE Members access to access to 

  • 195+ journals: For getting the ideas about today’s technology and what you should research.
  • 1,400+ conference proceedings: Study the papers or posters that were presented in IEEE Conferences.
  • Approximately 2,000 books: Books that will definitely help you in your research.
  • 400+ educational courses: If for a research you lack a skill simply learn it from one of these courses.

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One has to purchase collaborate in the IEEE collaborate store. Get to select IEEE collaborate at no charge.

It helps users to connect with global technology professionals by location, technical interests, or career pursuits. It helps users to access research and collaborative authoring tools. It even helps to establish a professional identity to showcase key accomplishments. IEEE Collaborate also helps IEEE volunteers to manage their IEEE volunteer network and build communities and engage with technology professionals in real time.

The effects of using IEEE Collaborate in research or in studying, networking and career: – exclusive professional networking groups and communities – added search features to find others based on membership and grade – it provides with a suite of tools for managing personal research library – it can establish a professional identity that showcases technical interests and key accomplishments – it can let you keep tap into your community’s expertise by questioning and providing your own opinion or voting on answers – use all the provided tools to create bibliographies to promote your scholarly contribution and manage your references easily and many more.
IEEE collaborate mainly offers these major features: – online communities – author and researchers’ tools – career development networking opportunities.