Using Resources for Research


You just saw something bounce in right , the Research text perhaps. Now isn’t it a bit difficult to see just like that the idea of research bounces in our minds but seeing the idea completely is difficult and expressing it is even more. What’s important is to not give up and keep your search for the solution going on. Here’s where IEEE can help you by giving you access to its resources 

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Just as the name suggests IEEE Digital library is an online library which  IEEE Members access to access to 

Just as the name suggests IEEE Digital library is an online library which  IEEE Members access to access to 

  • 195+ journals: For getting the ideas about today’s technology and what you should research.
  • 1,400+ conference proceedings: Study the papers or posters that were presented in IEEE Conferences.
  • Approximately 2,000 books: Books that will definitely help you in your research.
  • 400+ educational courses: If for a research you lack a skill simply learn it from one of these courses.


IEEE Xplore is full-fledged technical liberty with all the answer to your question, unlike Wikipedia, you will get contents directly about the technical information of your choice, the search can be made with basic search or an advanced, depending what are you looking for, the homepage for IEEE Xplore welcomes you with a search bar, Giving you vast option to look into, it can be random or can be precious, according to your taste. Basic search just gives you the results of the keyword you are searching and, on that you can narrow down the results according to your choice from the filter box where you can choose the type of paper and year of publication, giving you an option to search without being confused. The advanced search helps to make the result of your search more precise. The advanced search uses metadata search to make it pinpoint precise search, it means it will search through the title, author, article type, index, publication, abstracts, and other fields. It’s up to the user how many metadata they going to use. There are two operators On the search terms in advanced search, the IEEE Xplore gave the users to use wild cards, it simply means a shortcut to make one is an asterisk (*) which means any or no characters and question mark (?) which is one single character and set the year of publication. Even after search, you can search on the search for the keywords to narrow it down or use the filter to do more.

The e-learning process helps the engineers and developers alongside the technical professionals to develop ideas more advanced level by keeping them engaged with the core knowledge with up to date information. So that it can provide them the information they need and dig more into the details to see the pattern and for few to know where they can make a change or to improve. It will help to analyze the data and work on in.

IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum is the most important magazine owned by IEEE. From here you can keep your self updated with new technoloies which will play a vital role in doing your research.

 The blogs, podcasts, news and features stories, and videos it provides are very useful and interactive to not only make but keeps you intrested in doing a research and learning new technologies.

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The articles attempt to be accessible to non-specialists, though an engineering background is assumed. Twelve issues are published annually, and has a circulation of over 380,000 engineers worldwide, making it one of the leading sciences and engineering magazines.

Article submission to IEEE Spectrum is open access. Individuals and corporations have the right to post their IEEE-copyrighted materials on their own servers without express permission.

IEEE spectrum contains peer-reviewed articles pertaining to technology and science trends affecting business and society, with a scope that covers information pertaining to electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical and civil engineering, computer science, biology, physics and mathematics. Additional content is gleaned from several hundred annual international conferences.