Using Resources for Studying

IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Just as the name suggests IEEE Digital library is an online library which  IEEE Members access to access to 

  • 195+ journals: For getting the ideas about today’s technology and what you should research.
  • 1,400+ conference proceedings: Study the papers or posters that were presented in IEEE Conferences.
  • Approximately 2,000 books: Books that will definitely help you in your research.
  • 400+ educational courses: If for a research you lack a skill simply learn it from one of these courses.

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IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum is the most important magazine owned by IEEE. From here you can keep your self updated with new technoloies which will play a vital role in doing your research.

 The blogs, podcasts, news and features stories, and videos it provides are very useful and interactive to not only make but keeps you intrested in doing a research and learning new technologies.

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