AI Competition



The IEEE Okanagan College Student Branch is hosting for the first time a battle vs AI in a fundraising event.   In this event, teams will be asked to create an AI script to run an against another team’s AI script for a game that will be announced on a future date, to be determined.    Each team will have 5 days to create, test and perfect their AI script.  On evening of the Battle Royale all AI’s will battle each other out to see who’s AI reigns supreme!   So what are the details?

Reveal : April 8th, 2016
AI Battle Royale : April 28th, 2016
Reveal : Learning Center, 3rd Floor, E 301
AI Battle Royale : TBA
COST (per AI entry) :  $20 per team (no limit to number of team players but must have at least one member) [PAY HERE]
GRAND PRIZE : 50% of entrance fee from all teams for the winning AI (to be shared with all team members)

Reveal Details:  We will reveal the details about the game, some key ideas on how the AI should perform at the reveal at 4pm followed by the Git Presentation on Friday April 2nd in Lab 301.  Details about the game and all questions that were asked at the reveal will be then emailed to all teams, who were at the reveal or not, no sooner than 1 hour after the end reveal.  So if the reveal ended 5:16pm, an email will go out to all the teams at 6:16pm.   Therefore if you can’t make it, it may be beneficial to send a team mate to get the details.

AI Battle Royale Details:  IEEE Okanagan College Student Branch will host a dinner and viewing of the AI Battle Royale.  We will start with a round robin that will move each AI into the play-off’s.  We will move our way through each round in the play-off till the finals.  The AI that wins the finals will be awarded the grand prize.

Payment: We have created a page on EventBrite to help manage tickets, however the ticket fees will be passed the contestants.  If you wish to pay with Cash at the event reveal please bring exactly $20.  We will not have change, so do not bring $50’s or $100’s.   Also please indicate that you wish to pay with cash on the registration email.

Contest Rules and Regulations: All AI entries will need to be submitted no later than 12 noon on the day of the Battle Royale, of the event.  You will also be required to show up with your code on a USB Stick.  We will not use your code that is posted.  The posted code will be used to check for plagiarism, cheating or malicious content of any kind.  Also if your script does not work, then your AI will forfeit.  All intellectual property surrounding the AI script you submit will remain the property of the team that created it.  However, the IEEE Okanagan College Student Branch reserves the right to post the results may display the scripts along with the results.  Please note that code will not be altered or modified.  IEEE Okanagan College Student Branch also reserves the right to use any Team name, contestant name, picture of contestants in any publication or event promotions, both future and past.  IEEE Okanagan College Branch reserves the right to change the prizes at anytime and/or to cancel the event as IEEE Okanagan College Student Branch sees fit.  IEEE Okanagan will not share any of the contestants information with any entities, individual or corporate except for IEEE organizations affiliated with IEEE Okanagan College Student Branch.   Any concerns about your privacy and information please contact the chair, Rob Bro @

Contest is open to College/University students only.


To register your team in advance, you must send an email to with the following information.  Also please visit our EventBrite page and purchase your ticket online.

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