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IEEE Seneca – Microchip PIC Workshop

November 12, 2020 @ 1:30 AM - 2:30 PM EST

Overview and getting started with using microchip microcontrollers.  Attendees should have taken ETY at Seneca or an equivalent intro to electronics course, and have some general knowledge about microcontrollers (ie: what they are, what digital logic is, etc.).
No materials are required, but you can follow along if you wish with these materials:
-PIC16F877A Microcontroller or equivalent (make sure to get through-hole type)
-breadboard/stripboard and connection wire
-safe place to build circuits (no metal surfaces, flammable materials, etc)
-PICkit 3/4 ICSP device
-very small cap (22/33 pF) and resistors in the range of 2-10k (may not be required if another model MC is used)
-digital handheld DMM


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