Bisons’ Programing Team

The Bisons’ Programming Team (BPT) prepares current and future generations of computer programmers to deal with well-known computer science/engineering problems with the end goal of equipping them with the tools, resources, techniques to produce better software and face harder computer science/engineering research problems in the future.

Chapter Leadership

Chair: Andrea Abellera
Vice-Chair: Luc Maxwell
Treasurer: Hritik Punj
Secretary: Bryce Cadieux
Contest Management Officer: Kazi Al Nahian, Duy Anh Nguyen
Social Presence Officer: Nicole Ciceron
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ian Jeffrey

How To Join Bisons’ Programing Team

Excited to have you on board! Joining BPT is really easy and only requires a UMIEEE membership (more information on how to become a UMIEEE member here). Once you join, just notify one of the UMIEEE executives to assign you the BPT role. That’s it! If you have any questions, please reach out to the BPT leadership for more information.

Mahyar, UMIEEE Chair