IEEE Weeklyish Update 0x08

Outline of the Term

Jan 20 – Student Prof Bowling (Sign up @McNaughton 2C54)
Jan 25 – LAST DAY of clothing sale (catalog below)
Jan 27 – Interdisciplinary Beer Pong Tournament (see below)
Feb 3/4 – Illumination (Tickets on sale now)
Feb 4 – Beer Night (Women in the College of Engineering, but men are welcome too)
Feb 10 – Billinton Cup
Feb 20/24 – Feb Break
Mar 3 – Beer Night
Mar 18/19 – HVC (High Voltage Classic)
Mar 23 – IEEE AGM
Mar 24 – IEEE Grad Banquet at the Delta Bessborough 
Mar 25 – Iron Ring Ceremony
Student-Prof Bowling
This Friday is our annual Student/ Prof bowling event! This is a great opportunity to get to know your profs in a social setting! We are meeting at 8pm at McNaughton (2C54) and carpooling over to Eastview Bowling alley for 8:30. The event starts at 9pm.
Price is $15 per person for an hour of bowling, including shoe rental. If interested, sign up on the list posted on the door of ENG 2C54.
All New Interdisciplinary Beer Pong Tournament!
The first ever interdisciplinary beer pong tourney is on Friday, January 27th!
Sign up in teams of 2 to prove once and for all that EE & CME are the disciplines of champions! If you don’t want to participate but still want to see this legendary battle of wills unfold, spectator admission is FREE!
Team Registration is $20 to cover beer used for the tournament ($10 per person). If you just feel like cheering us on, admission is FREE.
Drinks are $4 and pizza will be $2 a slice. The event is being held at Cosmos Centre (the hall beside the Hose).
Illumination is an annual conference put on by the University of Saskatchewan IEEE Student Branch which aims to provide electrical and computer engineering students with information and experiences they won’t necessarily get in school such as networking with industry, learning about current industry trends and developing soft skills. This year Illumination will feature 9-11 speakers from many different industries including some from Alberta.

This year Illumination is February 3rd and 4th at Louis Loft. Tickets for Illumination are $35 for IEEE members and $40 for non-members. It includes admission to an open bar mixer on Friday night and the general conference on Saturday including breakfast lunch and dinner. This conference is an excellent opportunity to further your professional via networking and out-of-class education!

Find out more details about the event at our Facebook event page:

McNaughton Centre Director
McWhat?     McNuaghton!
      Looking for a way to get involved?
      Looking for something to add to your resume?
      Do you like shopping?
The IEEE is look for a McNaughton Centre Director!
The responsibility of the McNaughton Centre Director as outlined in the IEEE Usask Student Branch Constitution:
The McNaughton Centre Director shall operate and maintain the McNaughton Centre for the University of Saskatchewan. Duties and responsibilities of the McNaughton Centre Director include:
      1) Chairing the McNaughton Committee.
      2) Reporting all relevant affairs of the McNaughton Committee to the Executive.
      3) Recording minutes of McNaughton Committee meetings.
      4) Having the authority to co-sign cheques for all the bank accounts excluding HVC and Illumination.
      5) Obtaining McNaughton Centre operating grants from IEEE Region 7 (Canada) and IEEE North Saskatchewan Section.
      6) Organizing each term’s textbook sale with the Financial Director.
      7) Organizing and maintaining the McNaughton Centre store.
      8) Organizing and maintaining the McNaughton Centre administrative supplies.
If this sounds like something you might be interested in getting involved in please stop by the McNuahgton Centre (ENG. 2C54) or email
This position will be filled by a majority vote at a special general meeting (SGM) held early in the second term.