List of Annual Events

Here is a list of events organized by our Student Branch every year. The list is not exhaustive and is subject to change.


This event it consists of a 1/4 keg per team, 30 team members with a length of plastic tubing and the name of the game is drinking as fast as possible. Usually on the last day of classes.

Sign up sheet will be on McNaughton door, so everyone put on your drinking pants, or hat or whatever else you might wear at a drinking contest and sign up to defend our bragging rights for another year!


Throughout the year, we organize bxxr nights. They are usually free (or lower cost) for IEEE members and guests are welcome to purchase tickets as well.


This is a separate banquet organized for the graduating class of Electrical and Computer Engineering students. Family members and significant others are always welcome to celebrate the hard work put in by the students in the past 4/5/6… years.

The banquet also features toast to students, toast to parents, and a speaker from the IEEE.


This is one of the best events of the year, a big recap and run through of all the events we put on and all the fun we had throughout the year. This is an incredibly cheap event as it includes supper and a hilarious/serious presentation of awards and a slideshow you won’t forget. Ask anyone who has attended in the past and they will tell you at this price there is absolutely no reason why you can’t be there.

Presentation includes serious and humorous awards with the “Illumination Bursary”, “Prof of the Year”, “IEEE NSS Book Prize” and “Buck The Scholarship” (being awarded by a special guest), among others. We also have some classics such as top bowling score and drunken mess and some new innovative humorous awards as well. Top the night off with a hilarious slideshow that even had some of the professors crying in their seats last year and you have one hell of a good time.


This is FREE for anyone who volunteered at HVC that year as a big thank you for being a part of its success! Anyone who volunteered for a certain number of hours at the tournament is invited.


This is one of the largest student run charity events in Canada. It is our annual 32 hour charity road hockey tournament held each year in March usually outside city hall on 23rd street. The tournament features 3 rinks, 64 teams, 32 hours of solid road hockey, amazing prizes for top fundraising teams, top fundraising individuals, best dressed team, most sportsmanlike and A and B side tournament winners. Also, unique this year are live bands performing FOR FREE down at the tournament.

We hope to see everyone get involved in this through filling some of our MANY volunteer slots refereeing games, working in the bxxr gardens or helping with setup/takedown. This is one of the easiest ways to get a foot in the door with becoming involved with your IEEE student branch in our largest event of the year!

Way more event details are available from the High Voltage Classic website (


This is the cheapest pubcrawl put on by almost any student society to kick off the amazing charity event!


This is an annual Texas Hold’em tournament.¬†Tickets will be on sale at McNaughton Center. If you haven’t played poker before show up a few minutes early and we can give you a quick run through of the rules before we start. This is a great chance to get out, have some fun and support your IEEE student branch.

“Hold’em – like life itself – has its defining moment. It’s the flop. When you see the flop, you’re looking at 71 percent of your hand, and the cost is only a single round of betting.” ~Lou Krieger


This is an annual billiards tournament for graduating EE/CME students versus the EE/CME faculty.


This annual student run conference has been extremely successful since . The conference focuses on helping students with the transition from school into industry as well as providing information about current engineering issues and technologies out there at the moment. We strongly encourage all students to attend this unique event to better prepare yourselves for the engineering industry. More information is available on the Illumination website (


It include a 3 course meal and a course on proper dining etiquette will be taught along with the meal. This is a great event to attend if you have little experience with proper dining etiquette at formal functions or if you just want to know what the hell to do with all those damn forks!


This is an annual trip to either Calgary or Edmonton. Tours are usually organized to visit industries in Calgary or Edmonton. This event is usually in the first weekend of January. The trip includes a lot of partying, a lot of learning and a brewery tour.


With some profits from Mech/Elec we host, along with the Mechanical Engineers, an annual christmas party for Little Brothers and Little Sisters that don’t have a Big Brother or Big Sister. Activities include playing some games like dodgeball and musical chairs as well as having a giant popcorn fight with Santa.

We will be popping popcorn a day or two before the event. So if you have some time to stop by and help out with the popping feel free.


Come out and have a great night of bowling with your professors and fellow students. We look forward to seeing you all out.


This is one of the biggest pubcrawls of the year in the city. It is organized by the Mechs and the Elecs and it’s always a heck of a time.


This is a supper that is sponsored by the IEEE NSS to welcome new IEEE members. The event is usually FREE for new IEEE members that year (typically 2nd years or new graduate students). This is a great way to meet some of your electrical/computer professors and other members of the UofS IEEE Student Branch and IEEE NSS.


People wishing to start or renew their IEEE membership should go to There are plenty of benefits.


The Fall book sale runs in the first few weeks of September and Winter book sale runs in the first few weeks of January. It will be set up outside 2C54 (The McNaughton Learning Centre). So come by take a look at the books for sale, drop off books you want to sell and see just what the McNaughton Centre is!