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Your current ECE Graduate Representative can be found here. Feel free to contact him with any questions/feedback/ideas.

Please check out, especially if you’re new, as it has a lot of information to help you get settled.

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Students Groups
Online Profiles


Student Groups (sorted from most local first)

1) IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Buying an IEEE Membership is a great way to get involved at local and international levels. Cost ~$33 USD / year, only available at
IEEE Conferences deep discounts
GoogleApps@IEEE. 30 GB cloud storage, email, etc
Spectrum Magazine, Potentials Magazine
Car rental discounts
Life insurance discounts
    Free select Microsoft software
    Rosetta Stone discount (Learning languages software)
    Dell, HP discounts
    Mozy online backup (18% discount)
Illumination Conference in January in Saskatoon (IEEE members get a their tickets subsidized)
NSS BBQ discount
Various other benefits, especially discounted social events.

2) University of Saskatchewan Engineering Graduate Course Council (EGCC)

Represents all engineering graduate students. Oversees graduate student lounge (Room 3C70), which has a fridge, microwaves, TV and seating – great place to hang out and eat lunch.

Also plans events, represents graduate students from engineering to the GSA (see below).


4) IEEE Young Professionals

Anyone would has graduated within the last decade (10 years) will be in this IEEE group. This group has great events, and it a good way to meet practising Engineers and other Grad students


Social Media (Online Profiles)

It would be great if everyone in ECE had a profile. This way, we can see what we our peers are researching, what programs we are using, etc.
LinkedIn and Facebook is where I have created Groups “ECE Grad Students – U of Saskatchewan”

Other Facebook groups/pages you should consider “liking”:
University of Saskatchewan IEEE Student Branch
IEEE Young Professionals
U of S IEEE Robotics Club
IEEE Illumination
University of Saskatchewan 

Other sites of interest. (I haven’t created any groups for these sites)
IEEE On-line Communities



There are many ways to get involved in student volunteer organizations such as the IEEE. If interested, please contact the ECE Graduate Student rep found here.

Open to ECE Grad Students only:
1)                  Volunteer list (multiple positions) – no commitment required.
2)                  ECE Graduate Representative (IEEE membership required). (Executive – 1 position).
3)                  ECE Graduate Student Committee Members (multiple positions)

Open to IEEE members:
1)                  IEEE Student Branch Executive Positions (Elections in Spring)
2)                  IEEE Young Professionals Chair & Committee Members

More information can be found here:  ECE_GraduateReps


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