Software Modeling in the Automotive Industry Talk

Location: Center of Engineering Innovation

Date: May 8th, 2015


Ian Anderson is an alumnus of the University of Windsor, having received his Bachelor of Applied Science in 2004 and his Master of Applied Science in 2007, both in the field of Electrical Engineering. He has been employed with General Motors since 2007 and has worked on many Software Tools Team developing test tools for the validation of the pre-production OnStar hardware.

Abstract_Automotive telematics systems have revolutionized the way we communicate when we’re on the road and have given birth to “The Connected Car”. For almost 20 years, General Motors and OnStar have been pioneers in the automotive telematics space and have brought many key innovations to the industry, including a full suite of safety, security and connectivity services.

In this presentation, an overview of OnStar’s history and current service offerings were presented. The presenter also discussed at a high level the end-to-end architecture of the OnStar system, as well as the process of developing the system and the design and validation challenges that are inherent in that process.

We would like to thank Ian Henderson for investing his time and presenting.


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