Bo Wei/Koda Games have released a new game called Tower of Trample Version The story of the game about Tower of Trample is an ongoing game about saving your friends from a bunch of evil villains. They will stop you with their evil femdom oriented wrestling techniques.

You will resist their heinous humiliation and fight your way to the top of the tower. Updates are released monthly. Each update will add one villain.

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  • Developer: Bo Wei/Koda
  • File Size: 704.7 MB
  • Version:
  • OS: Windows
  • Languages: English

Game Change Log


  1. Claus Part I
  2. Entering the Cozy Cabin now adjusts Window Tint
  3. After finding the Bell Collar, you will be pinged to submit to Miss Claus until you reach the Happy End
  4. The Part II hook can now also occur upon loading in or immediately after the Happy End
  5. Fixed bug gating Kiss prizes behind Mistletoe Maze progression
  6. Fixed similar bug skipping Claus’ explanation of her Kiss prizes
  7. Claus Part II
  8. Added hints upon repeatedly failing the Shoe Forest
  9. Added additional hints for the Jester shoes specifically
  10. Star painting now shifts much more obviously
  11. Star map graphics now display above fog border effect
  12. Added constellation lines to make actual path more obvious
  13. Chimney Maze now gives 15 (from 11) seconds by default
  14. Slightly adjusted layouts to be more difficult to solve blindly
  15. Added hints to look for map/air-filter when failing maze
  16. Boxes in the shoe game will drop much more quickly after winning once
  17. Fixed the shoe game not telegraphing its current difficulty level (lives, etc.)
  18. Fixed higher shoe game difficulties being unlockable before you first win
  19. After being collared then freed at least once
  20. Can now collar yourself at will in the entrance
  21. Exit spot in the tree becomes visible if not yet discovered
  22. Added some dialogue to allude to this on first game-win uncollar
  23. You can now Sleep during the day (progresses to Night)
  24. You can now Nap at night (moves Claus between Chair and Bed)
  25. Miss Claus now sometimes relaxes by the fire at night
  26. Allows erasure of Charm status without moving to day
  27. Allows viewing ero scenes with night-tint
  28. Fixed 3rd Sole and Ass Worship scenes not erasing Charm
  29. Added milestones (two free levels) after first two Giant Presents

Game Images & Screenshots

Link: Tower of Trample [v1.18.0.4] By Bo Wei/Koda