A 90’s style first person shooter with modern graphics… Less video, more gameplay! Fight your way through a series of extremely difficult levels in a variety of conditions. Take on many different types of enemies with the shotgun, assault rifle, grenade launcher and tactical nuke launcher (handle with care!).

Solve puzzles, navigate mazes, race against rising lava, crack codes, find and activate the exit portal to advance to the next level. Currently, the game is relatively short and consists of 5 large and very difficult levels. I’m aware of the odd, minor bug and will be working on several free updates over the coming months, including survival mode.

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Any other bugs that need to be fixed, features that need to be added, or any other suggestions, please let me know…


Oh, Simulator. Let me tell you something about simulation. The simulation is far from natural, in fact it is the absolute opposite of nature itself and the world we live in… 2066, artificial intelligence software manages to make contact with sentient entities and make a deal with them on behalf of humanity, all in good faith. Soon after, the collapse of the universe hits Earth, and our young, naive, and fruitful existence is exploited by the hell around us.

Currently, Earth’s orbit collides with the asteroid belt, which means warning systems are in place to notify citizens of impending meteor showers. In a last desperate attempt to protect themselves, extreme measures were taken. Africanized hybridized honeybees (killer bees) were later crossed with giant Asian hornets as part of a worldwide government operation that…definitely did not go as planned.

The specimens escaped and thrived in the environment, destroying crops, livestock, not to mention mercilessly attacking men, women and children. Advances in technology mean that physical teleportation devices are now possible, allowing not only travel from place to place but also through other planes of existence, however usage and testing is still very limited due to the large amount of energy. necessary to ensure success. transition. .

Junior technical engineer “Axel Lennox” dedicated his life to the test subject with the best of intentions. During the first test, Axel finds himself in a hostile but somewhat familiar environment. He doesn’t appear to have changed physically or in any particular timeline, but now finds himself completely lost and alone amidst many inescapable realities. He knows his actions now, he will determine everything.


  • Game Title: The Hell Hives
  • Game Genres: Action, Indie
  • Game Developer: Adam Bradley
  • Publisher: Adam Bradley
  • Release Date: December 01, 2022
  • FILE SIZE : 6.89 GB