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Underwater Robotics Technologies in Egypt From Dreams To Reality

Underwater Robotics Technologies In Egypt: From Dreams To Reality. The session content: - History of ROV in Egypt - History of ROV Competitions in Egypt - Success Stories - Training and Education - Underwater Technologies Center The session will be held Online on Zoom on Sunday Oct.11 at 4 P.M. For Registration:  

Python Course

Hall A1.8 at Future University in Egypt Future University in Egypt, Cairo

  About the course : Register now to our new python course, at this course you will gain a lot of knowledge about programming using python language and how to create your own project using only python. This is the content of the course : Day 1 -Overview about IEEE and our vision and activities -Why Python and its aspects of application, its features and IDE -Variables, Numbers, strings -Priority, comment -Boolean and Arithmetic operators Day 2 -IF statement -Else statement -Else if -nested IF Day 3 For Loop While loop Nested for Nested while Pass,break,continue Day 4 -Concept of function - Local and Global -Arguments - Function call and Return -nested function -Import and Exception -built in functions in python Day 5 Lists, Dictionaries, tuples (differences and their functions) What is OOP in python (intro) What is NEXTC -One challenge on every topic (to submit for next day) You can register now using this link :