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Efficient Plasmonic Circuits for Data Communications


In this talk we plan to discuss a novel class of nanoscale devices that address unmet performance demands for applications in data communications. The performance of emerging generations of high-speed, integrated electronic circuits is increasingly dictated by interconnect density and latency as well as by power consumption. To alleviate these limitations, data communications using photons has been deployed, where photonic circuits and devices are integrated on platforms compatible with conventional electronic technologies. Within the dominant platform; namely Si, dielectric waveguides confine light via total internal reflection. This imposes bounds on minimizing device dimensions and density of integration. Those bounds arise due to the diffraction limit and the cross-coupling between neighboring waveguides. Nanoscale Plasmonic waveguides provide the unique ability to confine light within a few 10s of nanometers and allow for near perfect transmission through sharp bends as well as efficient light distribution between orthogonally intersecting junctions. With these structures as a building block, new levels of optoelectronic integration and performance metrics for athermal transceivers with achievable bandwidths of 100s Gbps and detection sensitivity better than -55 dBs, will be overviewed in this talk. In addition, opportunities for the role that 2D materials may pay in propelling these record performance metrics even further will be projected. Speaker(s): Amr Helmy, Virtual:

Data Visualization Using Python

Are you interested in Data Visualization? GDSC Iliauni and IEEE Iliauni will host a session on Data Visualization using Python. Guest Speaker – Rati Porchkhidze, a researcher in the ISET’s Private Sector Development Research Center (PSDRC). Before joining ISET’s Policy Institute, he was a data communication fellow at ForSet, where he largely worked with data and data visualization. Topics to cover: Using Google Colab notebooks; Data Visualization Basics; Data analysis using charts: Boxplot; Line Chart; Distribution; Exploratory data analysis: Pandas Seaborn Matplotlib Meeting time: 19:00, May 3, 2022 Meeting language: English Register to the meeting: Registration deadline: 18:00, May 3, 2022 Location: Google Meet Meeting link will be sent on the email you've indicated in the registration.  

Progress on Co-Packaged Optics: “Half-Optics” 25.6Tb/s Ethernet Switch

santa clara, California, United States, Virtual:

In recent years higher integration of optics with electronics has been proposed using the advantages of silicon photonics. In particular co-packaging of optical engines with Ethernet switch ICs. Within the last year there has been a lot of progress on these co-packaged optical switch designs. This presentation shows the architecture and performance data of a "half optics" 25Tb/s switch system with a linear interface between the optical engine and the switch SERDES as one implementation example. Design considerations and potential implementation issues are addressed. An outlook for future systems is given. Speaker(s): Karl Muth, santa clara, California, United States, Virtual: