Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ir. Untung Rahardja, M.T.I., MM., SMIEEE

UNTUNG RAHARDJA – UR (Senior Member, IEEE) received the B.Sc degree from the University of California Berkeley, in 1988, Master and Ph.D. degrees in Management from the College of Economics and Business, University of Persada Indonesia, respectively. His research interest is in the field of Blockchain, especially Blockchain for Education and Renewable Energy. UR also received the 2021 World Class Professor Grant and Alphabet Blockchain Startup funding from the Indonesia Minister of Education. One of his distinguished achievements was the 2020 Top 500 Best Researchers awarded by the Minister of Research and Technology. He also co-founded Australian Patent Innovation CWCP – Multi-Branch Blockchain Rules: Creating a Multi-Branch Blockchain Configurable Protocol Rules.