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Getting Started With The Basics Of Game Development

February 20, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm IST

The webinar was on a visionary yet contemporaneous topic “Getting started with the basics of Game Development”, started with the introductory cum welcome note from Mr. Alok Singh, Event Coordinator IEEE-ACM AUR, and Ms. Nancy Dhanuka, Media Head IEEE-ACM AUR. The speaker for the session was Mr. Malhar Devasthali, junior game developer at defttouch. With more than 100 constant attendees. Mr. Malhar first gave a brief summary of his professional career in the field of game developing and then had a little chat with the attendees about several games that they know or they’ve played. The session was very interactive and thought-provoking. The attendees gained clarity about AAA and Indie games with their differences and how popular they’ve become in the modern world. The speaker also talked about AR, VR and console gaming and the introduction of AI programming in games. He also discussed about Non-gaming companies like DeepMind, Tesla, Uber, Oculus etc and gave a brief explanation of the game “clash of clans” and ended with a brief yet interactive QnA session. Some of the important points covered during the session were:

Mr. Malhar Devasthali:

  • The two most basic/minimal things required for a great game are, a coder and a designer (animation).
  • Game development is not a field where you can write codes and succeed, writing a clean and accessible code is what’s important.
  • If there were to be a battle between gaming vs Hollywood, gaming would unquestionably win. As, gaming equals music plus Hollywood.
  • Cyberpunk is buggy because it’s a game which is hard to handle by many users.

Every question by the attendees was diligently answered by Mr. Devasthali. Even though the time limit was exceeded, people stayed because the webinar was really insightful and informative. The event was concluded with a short vote of thanks by Ms. Vasudha Arumugam.


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