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IEEE – Gamethon (PubG)

February 28, 2020

Description of Event

  1. PUBG Mobile Tournament is usually played in a team of Four. Each team is required to maintain four players in the team starting lineup.
  2. Default game mode will be TPP & Maps will be Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok
  3. No console, Finger triggers, hack are not allowed
  4. All participant responsible for their battery
  5. Three respective rounds are there – Round 1 (Map Sanhok), Round 2 (Map Erangel), Round 3 (Map Miramar)

A great successful EVENT if IEEE-AUR with huge participation of students in our campus


Gamethon – PUBG
1st Price Award – For Gamethon Event
Best Team – IEEE with Branch Counsellor mam
Faculty members support for the Event
IEEE- AUR members
Game Concentration



IEEE Student Branch: Amity University Rajasthan
+91-95809 82292 | +91-89558 83605


Aset Seminar Hall