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Inaugural Ceremony

December 20, 2019


To embark on the official beginning of the student branch, IEEE AUR inaugural the ceremony took place on 20 December 2019 in the Moot Court at 12:30 pm.The didn’t arise list was impeccable, including Honorable Chief Guest Dr.Uday A.Dabade, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Arun Patil, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Amit Jain, and Branch Counsellor Dr. Manju Kaushik.

After the auspicious lamp lighting, Dr. Manju Kaushik welcomed the dignitaries as well as the students and emphasized the importance of organizations like IEEE, followed by Vice-ChancellorProf.Dr.ArunPatilwhoacknowledgeditasamoment
of pride for the institution.

The honorable chief guest addressed the audience and motivated the students of AUR. His words were backed with statistics and facts about innovation and funds provided by the government. Dean Academics Dr.G.K.Aseri briefly stated the practices adopted by AUR to encourage students and ensure holistic development.

The event was thoroughly informative and focused on the importance of knowledge apart from the curriculum. Student member’s achievements were shared and it fueled the members with zeal. The Chairman, Hemendra Sharma gave the vote of thanks which marked the end of the ceremony as well as the start of his student branch.


Inaugural Ceremony at IEEE_AUR
Members of IEEE in AUR
Branch Counsellor Addressing all the students and faculties
Lamp Lighting Ceremony
Welcome To IEEE – AUR branch


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