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Relevance of Internships in Career Growth with Industry 4.1

June 19, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm IST



Details of Expert/Speaker/Resource Person/Judge:

Country name: India

Expert Name: Mr. Prateek Vyas

Organization:  Learn and Build – An Initiative by Techienest Pvt. Ltd.

Designation: Co-Founder & CMO

Specialization: Information Technology

Major Areas where Amity can collaborate with experts: Information System Development, Entrepreneurship workshops



Pointwise Outcome Report:

  1. What was the inspiration behind taking up this Particular Subject for the Webinar?
  • The event was organized keeping in mind the requirements of all the college students as well as people who are soon about to become young professionals. It covered every aspect of the importance of internships and how the industry is changing with respect to the current scenarios. It was a topic of utmost importance.
  1. What was the Criteria Considered for inviting the Various Individual Guests, Internal as well as External?
  • We chose an Individual Guest who had in-depth knowledge in both the corporate sectors as well as with start-ups and Industry in general.
  1. Were the guests in advance and if yes, from what previous interaction?
  • Learn and Build – An Initiative by Techienest Pvt. Ltd.
  1. Were the guests recommended by someone? If yes, who?
  •  Dr. Manju Kaushik
  1. Who all attended the webinar? Also, if possible, give the numbers.
  • Faculty, Students ( Total number –51)
  1. What were the ‘Take Homes’ for the Guests and the Attendees in the form of knowledge, facts, information, etc.? Please give the Salient Novel Points Covered by the Guest Speakers, in Bullet Points Format.
  • What is the meaning of an internship and the importance of internships in resumes and building soft skills?
  • Students can start internships as early as school days or the first year of their college.
  • You can start at any point and find out your area of interest, the experience gained is always helpful.
  • We discussed a few portals where students can look for internships; the focus should be learning rather than a stipend.
  1. Has the Webinar been able to generate any Tangible Gains for the Faculty, Researchers and Students of Amity, if yes, what are these?
  • Yes, Mr. Prateek Vyas showed the students how they can build their skill set, which shall ultimately help them get better jobs.
  1. Have we  Followed-Up with the Guests to consider Various Collaborations such as Joint Research Papers and Publications; Joint Funded Projects; Student Internships and Placements; Participation in National/ International Seminars/ Conferences,/Workshops; Student/Faculty Exchange Programmes; Post Doctorate tie-ups; etc. etc.
  • It is under consideration for FDPs, Seminars, Conferences, and conclaves.


  1. What are the plans for utilizing the contacts developed with the Invited Guests, for future cooperation to meet the targets of ‘Mission: Connect’ and Mission: Synergy of Brains? Please give a roadmap with timelines.
  • We can have a follow-up workshop for the fresh lot of students in August. After that plan can be developed for further collaborations such as conferences and conclaves.