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The Whack Hack-A-Thon

April 6, 2023 - April 7, 2023


The ability to programe and solve problems will be put to the test in this situation. The goal of the activity is to gauge a student’s ability to spot flaws in a given solution and work through a problem utilising the right algorithms, data structures, and other technicalities. The event’s main goals, aside from coding, are to see how different algorithm techniques are applied to a problem and how quickly participants can spot errors. The best programming technique should be used after analysing the issues. Moreover, the solution can be submitted in any programing language


The participants will be individuals who want to showcase their programming knowledge and compete with others to stand out and win the contest.
They’ll be individually judged on the basis of
1. Number of problems solved
2. Time taken to solve each problem

ROUND 1: Aptitude

  • The participants will have to answer 30 questions on technical GK and C programming.
  • There won’t be any failing grades.

ROUND 2: Debugging

  • In order to compete in this round, participant must fix the bugs in the programmes that were handed to them.
  • The participant will have to work on 5 issues.
  • The top of the Rank list will be the participant with the most points.
  • In the event of a tie, the team that earned that point first will be in first place.
  • There is no penalty for wrong submissions.

ROUND 3: Coding (on CodeChef)

  • Participant will have two  and half hours to answer five questions.
    Beginning and simple questions will be asked: according to the webpage for CodeChef.
  • The number of points for each question will vary depending on how difficult it is.
  • The top 3 participant on the CodeChef leader board’s rank list will be deemed the winners.
  • The IOI Style Rating will be the ranking method utilised in Round 3, and it ranks the team as follows:
    1. The top of the Rank list will be occupied by the participant with the most points.
    2. In the event of a tie, the participant that earned that point first will be in first place.
    3. Incorrect contributions are not subject to punishment.
  • Before Round 3, students will also receive a 15 to 20 minute demonstration on “How to Submit an Answer on CodeChef.”


The contestants will be judged on the basis of the points obtained by solving the set of problems.
They’ll be further judged on the basis of time taken to solve the problem – if the points happen to be the same.
For eg. Let’s say John solves problems C and D to obtain 700 points in 3:24:04 while Alex solves problems B and E to obtain 700 points in 2:59:54 then Alex will be above John in the standings as Alex took less time in solving the problems.


  • This event’s entrance fee is Rs.100.
  • All participants will receive e-certificates.
  • Disqualification could result from unethical behaviour. T
  • The Event  coordinators have the authority to decide ultimately on any issue that arises during the event.


Prizes worth Rs.10,000


Registration link –