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5G and Future Networks Summit

Sunday, October 13th, 2019



Venue:Nokia Networks, Manyata Embassy Business Park, Outer Ring Road, Nagawara Main Road, Bangalore

The members from IEEE student branch Amrita School of Engineering,Bangalore attended as well as volunteered for “IEEE Future Networks-5G and beyond workshop”. The event commenced with the introduction by Nokia and Communications society ,Bangalore.The keynote talk was delivered by Prof.Neelesh Mehta ,IISC wherein he covered topics such as rate adaptation and scheduling,the feedback schemes in 4G and 5G ,base station side estimation and so on.Further there were speakers from the industry who spoke about the spectrum need and availability,the 5G connectivity node for smart cities,Massive MIMO for 5G,the use cases of 5G,automation using artificial intelligence and machine learning,network slicing,security in software defined networking,network virtualization and the era of wireless communication beyond 2050.The workshop concluded with vote of thanks by Nokia and Comsoc.

Python Workshop 2K19

Sunday, October 13th, 2019


Timings: 9:15AM-2:30PM

Venue: Krishna Hall

Speaker: Mr.Prashanth.


The event began with the introduction of

the speaker by Anusha.S of IEEE student chapter, Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore.The Event started off with the introduction of Machine learning and its revolution and evolution in the 21st century. The workshop mainly focused on encouraging the beginners to learn the Python and use of the python in different fields.

As the workshop is mainly focused on the beginners, it includes the basic topics of the python. The workshop is happened more interactively. After every topic a sample questions are given to solve by the attendees. So many doubts were raised and session goes on by solving the doubts. Finally the attendees got interested in learning the python and some platforms are recommended by the speaker to continue there learning.


A talk on Embedded systems and Internet Of Things

Sunday, October 13th, 2019



Venue:Krishna Hall

Speaker : Mr.Avirup Basu

Intel Software Innovator

Over 7+ years experience in IoT & Embedded

The event began with the introduction of the speaker by Anusha.S of IEEE student chapter, Amrita School Of Engineering ,Bangalore.The speaker started off with the basics of IoT technology,how this is going to make a change in lives of the people and also the world.Then the components used in IoT,the different cloud platforms such as “Amazon web Services” , “Microsoft AZURE” and “Google cloud” were discussed .The audience later got insights into the communication protocols commonly used for the connectivity of the physical devices and the different types of development boards available for prototyping such as :Raspberry Pi,Node MCU and web server such as ESP8266.He discussed about smart lighting system as an example to illustrate how the processes happens. The audience were told to do a project on “Home Automation” .This talk ended with the felicitation of Mr.Avirup Basu by Dr.Navin Kumar,the branch counsellor of IEEE student branch-ASE,Bangalore.