IEEE Amrita


Python Workshop 2K19


Timings: 9:15AM-2:30PM

Venue: Krishna Hall

Speaker: Mr.Prashanth.


The event began with the introduction of

the speaker by Anusha.S of IEEE student chapter, Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore.The Event started off with the introduction of Machine learning and its revolution and evolution in the 21st century. The workshop mainly focused on encouraging the beginners to learn the Python and use of the python in different fields.

As the workshop is mainly focused on the beginners, it includes the basic topics of the python. The workshop is happened more interactively. After every topic a sample questions are given to solve by the attendees. So many doubts were raised and session goes on by solving the doubts. Finally the attendees got interested in learning the python and some platforms are recommended by the speaker to continue there learning.


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