IEEE Amrita


Electronics Project Expo – IEEE Week 2017


IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) student branch chapter of ASE (Bangalore) organized an event namely , “ ELECTRONIC PROJECT EXPO”  on the eve of IEEE week at Amrita School of Engineering , Bangalore on 5th October 2017 from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm in Rama hall.

The event started with introduction upon the session delivered by K Praneeth Swami, Co-Chair  IEEE PELS ,ASE Bangalore .He then discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of manual work based projects and automatic work based projects. The speaker then gave an overview on electronic components used in electronic mini project  i.e “automatic control of street lamps” namely LDR, IR Sensor, LEDs and Arduino and its needs. Madhav, Treasurer  IEEE PELS spoke about another project “automatic watering of plants using soil moisture sensor” and it’s various applications in day to day life.  Lastly ,G Sai Sweta Co-web developer IEEE PELS explained about Ultrasonic Sensor and it’s various applications in different fields by relating it to a mini project on “car parking using ultrasonic sensor”.

The session ended of by the display of  mini projects where the students to see how the prototype projects were made and its requirements in our daily life. The event organized was very interactive, informative and helpful for the students.