IEEE Amrita


Energizer – IEEE Week 2017

The IEEE student branch chapters of Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore conducted the annual IEEE WEEK from 3rd October to 6th October 2017 where innovation, technology and inspiration all came together for a 4 day event. All the IEEE student branch chapters ranging from COMSOC, PES, IAS, PELS, RAS, WIE came together to conduct various events each day.

The IEEE PES & IAS joint student branch chapter spearheaded by Dr. K. Deepa conducted the event “ENERGIZER”- a talk on batteries, its management and issues on the 4th of October 2017. The keynote lecture was addressed by Dr. Praveen (Asst. Professor) department of Physics, Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore. His area of research includes electrolyte and electrode materials for ion batteries, multi-function solar cells, AGN’s etc.

Dr. Praveen started his talk by addressing the elephant in the house i.e. Why Batteries? and What is a Battery? He explained that energy is the basis for getting any kind of work done and energy now a days is available in many different forms, this energy needs to be stored so that it can be used whenever required and such storages devises are called as batteries. He further elucidated that battery has 3 major parts i.e. anode, cathode and electrolyte and also cleared the air around the fact that batteries are energy suppliers and not charge suppliers.

He discussed regarding the different classes of batteries, its chemical composition and the reactions that take place in it. To further shed some light on the topic, he took an example of modern batteries like lithium ion and explained its construction, the structure of electrodes, the chemical reaction involved, working principle and its pros and cons.

He concluded the talk by discussing some applications of batteries and also gave a global market insight where USA and China are leading the race in the production of sophisticated batteries.

It was a very interactive, insightful and informative talk which surely poked many a minds in the audience.

A total of 64 students participated in the event out of which 29 IEEE members. A special mention to all the coordinators and the volunteers who helped in making this event successful.