IEEE Amrita


Final Destination – Aarohan 2017


IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) & IAS Jt. student Branch chapter of Amrita School of Engineering conducted a technical fun game: FINAL DESTINATION for AAROHAN 2017, annual AMRITA science fest. AAROHAN is a two-day science fest organized for students from grades V11 to X11 to foster a bond between an institution of higher education and schools. It was conducted on 12th and 13th October, 2017.


FINAL DESTINATION is a one day event happened on 12th October, and it has totally three rounds. In round 1 each team was given a word puzzle from which they should get all the electrical words present in it and form a meaningful sentence. The first 15 teams had been selected for 2nd round, taking time and points as criteria.

In round 2, all the qualified teams played a HOOPLA game. We designed the circuit such way that the buzzer sounds when ring was placed correctly. 5 teams had been selected for 3rd round, taking time and points as criteria.

In round 3, the teams which were qualified had to control a wireless robot in a maze. There were totally three paths in which only one was correct. A question was given for them and the correct answer directs them to correct path. Time limit was 10 minutes. On summing all the points each team got in all the three rounds, the winner was selected. Total number of teams participated are 65.