IEEE Amrita


IEEE Week 2016

IEEE Week 2K16

       Day-1 : IEEE ComSoc introduction

IEEE Communications Society student chapter celebrated IEEE Week from the 4th of October to the 7th of October 2016. It conducted its first session on the 4th of October 2016. Mr. A.V. Sunil Kumar, Vice Chair, IEEE ComSoc gave a brief introduction to IEEE which included the statistical progress of IEEE, IEEE standards and the benefits of becoming an IEEE member. Dr. Navin Kumar, Associate Professor, Department of ECE and Chapter counselor elaborated on the benefits of becoming an IEEE ComSoc member. This was followed by a talk on Mobile networks by Mr. P. R. K. Manoj( Year III, ECE). The talk described the working of mobile networks, SID and SAR testing.

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       Day 2 : Introduction to Photonics

The following day, a talk on photonics was held. The talk was hosted by Mr. Sathya Narayanan. R. R.(Year IV, ECE). Laser- production and uses, and various other related topics like Optical fibres, measurements, glass composition, surface functionalisation, light emitting nano-particles, rails for light etc. were discussed. Following this, Dr. Navin Kumar provided detailed insights on laser and its applications. The session ended on a high note with discussions on various advancing technologies making use of photonics in day to day activities.

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       Day 3 : IEEE Day Celebration

The third event was a talk on “Free space optics” on the 6th of October by Professor Arun Ajumdar, University of California, USA. The Professor’s talk involved free space optics and included topics like Mitigation techniques, coding techniques, signal disturbances, optical wavelength and “Various communication systems using different coding schemes”. The Professor then discussed his thoughts on a new book, with his two previous masterpieces on display. The professor also cleared the doubts of students.The session ended with cake-cutting  on account of IEEE celebrations.

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       Day 4 : I-HUNT

A fun game challenge (treasure hunt) is conducted on this day.

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