IEEE Amrita


Prabidhi Finale – The Stupid Theory

DATE: 02/03/18

CLUB: IEEE Student Branch

VENUE: Rama Hall


The final round of Prabidhi, the annual technical fest of Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore, was organized by the student branch of IEEE. The event, titled ‘Stupid Theory’, garnered immense appreciation from the organizers and participants for its unique theme and structure.

Three teams, each comprising of three participants, qualified for the event. Aaryan Oberoi, Chair, IEEE Student Branch, (Year III, ECE), kicked off the session by welcoming the judges, contestants and audience. The general format of the competition was outlined, and the rules were listed out. Post a demonstration that dispelled further queries, the teams were given their tasks. Each team received a problem statement proposing an unscientific theory and a power point presentation that contained a simple questionnaire. These questions were framed to motivate the teams towards a certain logical explanation justifying the ‘Stupid Theory’. Each team was then required to give a short 5-minute presentation on its cogitations. Judging parameters included humour, relevance to the topic, and creativity.

The contestants enthralled the judges and audience with their wit and spontaneity. Their musings on theories such as ‘Dinosaur extinction was caused by a gravity reversal’ and ‘Cat is the fifth state of matter’ left the spectators in awe.

The contest concluded with the declaration of the winners and a vote of thanks by the head of the Prabidhi organizing committee, who congratulated the student branch for the successful finale.