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Break Through

IEEE WIE (student affinity group- SBA63931), Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore organized a technical fun event ‘Break Through’ as a part of Prabidhi on 2nd March, 2018 from 9 AM to 2.30PM in E-208, E-210, E-209 respectively at Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore. Prabidhi is a tech day exclusively conducted for students every year by the Amrita School of Engineering.


Round 1. A team of three was allowed to participate. This was basically a fun event. One of participant was asked a question based on general knowledge. Numbers from 0 to 9 were placed vertically on the wall and a puzzle reference sheet was given to the participants. The participant that was asked the question showed the answer to the other two by pointing a pointer that was connected to the rotating arm. With the help of the puzzle reference sheet the other two participants said the answer. Teams which answered the maximum question in the time period of 4mins were qualified to 2nd round.
Round 2. The teams that are qualified in the first round entered into this round. In this round a maze was placed vertically. One of the team members was placed behind the maze in a way that maze was not visible. Two magnets were placed on either side of the maze such a way that they were attached magnetically. The other teammates were supposed to guide the person on the other side to bring the magnet out of the maze. Considering the time taken by them to complete the maze were permitted to the third round.

Round 3.Kill the Buzzer is the tech fun event where the participants have to off the buzzer within the given time. The teams that are qualified in second round are permitted to participate. One among the three was asked to pick a name card which consisted of some technical names. The teammates were allowed discuss on the name card for 30 seconds and the one who took the name card is asked to stand in a circle known as ‘Red Zone’ in which the other two teammates were not allowed. That other teammates are supposed to bring the clues related to that name card in 2mins. Person inside the red zone, arranged the clues with the wires collected from his other teammates to a circuit in a way that the buzzer is switched OFF.

The TECHNCIAL FUN EVENT earned a good response from all the participants who in turn requested us to conduct more programs in future. The importance of IEEE membership was highlighted in the same program. A total number of 68 teams participated in the event.

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