IEEE Amrita


Socio Net Bee

IEEE WIE Affinity group of Amrita School of Engineering(SBA63931) Student Branch chapter, Bengaluru conducted an exciting event (SOCIO NET BEE) in the campus on 18-01-2018 from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in A305 class room. It is basically a fun based event and a place to get your ideas supported by many in a very less time. 20 students participated for the same where 4 people were in a group. One person from every group is selected by them and need spread their idea and get support from the other four groups in less time. This is same for all other four in the group. Finally the group with more support from other groups is the queen of the game. Here the group with idea of a “FOOD TRUCK “ is supported by many and stood as the queen of game.

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