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EXECUTIVES SUMMARY  A 7-day virtual event will be hosted focusing on the development of leadership skills among the participants. The event will help participants gain new dimensions in the field of technology, the event will comprise all aspects of IEEE including technical, non-technical, professional development and interviews. The main objective of this event is to instill the notion among the participants about innovation, increment of Strategic & critical thinking skills, startup ideas, awareness on Covid-19 and also continuing education. The aim is to explore new dimensions in the field of innovation as an innovative leader is always open to new ideas and dimensions, also decision-making skills & inquisitiveness. An innovative leader listens to everyone actively and also motivates others to think out of the box. Thus, the event will help the participants enhance think out of the box. Thus, the event will help the participants enhance their concentration, listening skills, innovative mind, and develop knowledge and skills in the areas of interest as everything is important to increase leadership skills. Interviews, professional development, discussions with IEEE Graduate Student Members, social awareness of Covid-19, case studies, interactive talks, quizzes would upgrade leadership skills. A membership drive would take place on the last day.