One Day Workshop On Integrated Photonics

In today’s data-hungry world, with the ever-increasing demand for reducing the size, weight, and power consumption, the research community is rapidly shifting its focus towards Integrated Photonics. Integrated Photonics (IP) uses light as a carrier which enjoys various advantages as compared to its electronic counterpart. …

International Day Of Light

On 16th May 2022 IEEE Photonics Society held an expert talk on ‘Programmable Photonics’ as part of the international day of light celebration. The speaker of this splendid workshop was  Prof. Bijoy K. Das, IIT Madras. He is one of the founding members of …

Tech Talk Series | IEEE SB IITI

Dear All,

IEEE GRSS IITI and IEEE SB IITI cordially invites the student community  to join for the upcoming Tech Talk series on Dec 7,2022 for an interesting talk by Dr.Zachary Labe on climate model projections and visualizations using Machine Learning.

The details of the Tech-Talks:

Title: Machine learning …

IEEE SB IITI Membership Drive 2022

Dear all,Greetings and warm welcome from IEEE Student Branch IIT Indore.IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is a diverse organization, encompassing more than 374,000 members active in almost 40 technical societies.

Many of you had heard of IEEE, and some of you had even attended IEEE conferences and authored …

 IEEE GRSS IITI webinar on ‘Remote Sensing of Ionospheric perturbations using GNSS”

Dear Students,

Reserve your dates for a keynote webinar on “Remote Sensing of Ionospheric Perturbations Induced by Earthquakes and Tsunamis Using GNSS” by Dr.Sithartha Muthu Vijayan, senior scientist,CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute. This talk covers the fundamentals and current status of ionospheric seismology including ionosphere-based tsunami early warning, methods for detecting ionospheric perturbations using …


#4th webinar


Looking at the Sun in the Near-UV range with the Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope onboard Aditya-L1 mission


Dr.Avyarthana Ghosh (Postdoc, IUCAA Pune)



The Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (SUIT) on-board Aditya-L1 spacecraft (India’s first space mission dedicated solely to solar observations) is an indigenous effort to observe …


##3rd webinar


Fiber-optic Biosensors for Water Quality Assessment


Dr. Nirmal Punjabi

Project Research Scientist, NCETIS.Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India.


Testing of water is an integral component for maintaining water quality and providing drinking water to everyone. Due to the limited accessibility of sophisticated instrumentsfor organic and inorganic analysis, …


##2nd webinar


Pulsars: Unique Windows into High-Energy Astrophysics


Dr. Samuel J. McSweeney

Associate Lecturer, Curtin University


When Neutron Stars were predicted in the 1930’s, it was impossible to anticipate just how incredibly useful they would be to push the frontiers of physics into regimes that are impossible to probe …