A seed was sown back in December 2020. The goal was simple to bridge the digital divide. Students belonging to rural areas inspite being talented are deprived with basic technical education. Lack of resources as well as poor connectivity in terms of internet as well as road is a major barrier. We are extremely thankful to IEEE SIGHT for funding our dream E-HUTS, an electronic hobby club which is to be set up at remote schools in Assam, India. This project, we believe would reduce inequalities in education and bring out the latent talent of the students belonging to such remote areas. As a kick start MoU has been signed on 10 Jan 2022 between our chapter and two schools in Assam, India where the lab would be established . Dr. Durlav Sonowal, Regional Professor In-charge of our SBC was also present physically in the event. The school principals, teachers as well as few community people are actively involved in facilitating the events since Dec 2020, This is what we call the spirit of volunteering, that had been a major boost to all the student volunteers. Since most of the areas we visited don’t had any hotel for lodging it was the local peoples that arranged everything. We are extremely grateful for their hospitality and also happy that we could give something back for the community with the help of the funding that we have received form IEEE SIGHT.
Once the MoU was signed a brain storming session was also conducted with the school students.
The program which was initially stared on a small scale, back in Dec 2020 also won the prestigious IEEE Darrel Chong Student Activity Award (Bronze), and a magazine was article as also published in the IEEE Microwave magazine. We would thank IEEE Kharagpur section for constant guidance and help. Last but not the least thanks to all the IEEE volunteers which are working day and night for realizing the dream. Please keep checking our page for more updated related to the project.