The IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) student branch chapter IIT Kanpur (Geo Code: SBC05261A) in the IEEE Uttar Pradesh (UP) Section, India was founded and first chaired by Mr. Abhishek Kumar Jha in 2014. The chapter at present has Dr. K. V. Srivastava as the faculty adviser and is chaired by Mr.Prashant Kumar Varshney. Currently it has 19 members and counting. From the inception of the chapter to the present time the chapter members have constantly served towards the betterment of the RF & Microwaves fraternity at IIT Kanpur. The activities of the chapter have not remained bound within the institute itself, instead they have reached and helped all students and professionals in India belonging to RF & Microwaves.

Every year the chapter organizes several invited talks by distinguished lecturers, workshops, small courses and seminars sponsored by MTT-S. Students and professionals from many engineering institutions, industries and organizations take part in those events. The chapter members also arrange many in house lectures and hands-on training on different software platforms, cutting edge technological topics etc. meant for transferring knowledge and collaborative problem solving within the RF & Microwaves group at IIT Kanpur. The motto of the chapter is

“To generate ideas in science and for the betterment of the society”


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