Past Events


  1. Lecture by Prof. Harshawardhan Wanare on “Imaging: an endless pursuit towards perfection”. Date: 27 August 2018. Vtool link:


  1. Non-technical administrative event.

  2. Seminar on “RCS Measurement” in association with AP-S SBC, Speaker: Mr. Rakesh Singh, Date:  21 September 2017. Vtool link:

  3. Seminar on “Mixer and LNA” in association with AP-S SBC, Speaker: Dr. Jayanta Mukherjee, Date: 04 October 2017. Vtool link:

  4. IEEE Lecture on “IEEE Lecture on Low-Cost, Pervasive Sensing Using Passive RFID Tags” in association with AP-S SBCSpeaker: Dr. Rahul Bhattacharrya, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, Date: 03 November 2017. Vtool link:

  5. IEEE Lecture on “SIW Based Active And Passive Circuit Components and Antennas” in association with AP-S SBC, Speaker: Prof. Animesh Biswas, NIT Rourkela, Date: 26 October 2017. Vtool link:

  6. IEEE Lecture on “Cell Phone / Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions” in association with AP-S SBC, Speaker: Prof. Girish Kumar, IIT Bombay, Date: 03 November 2017. Vtool link:

  7. One Day Workshop on “ADS EM Simulation Software”, Speaker: Mr. Rohit Gupta, Date: 03 November 2017. Vtool link:

  8. IEEE Lecture on “Continental Radar for Automotive & Assistive Driving”, Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Anshu Gupta, Group Leader, Radar Algorithms and Function, Continental Corporation, Date: 30 November 2017. Vtool link: 

  9. IEEE Lecture on “Sensors and methods for analysing the electrodynamics of biomolecules”, Speaker: Dr. Abhishek K. Jha, Institute of Photonics and Electronics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic, Date: 4 December 2017. Vtool link: 


  1. One Day IEEE MTT-S Workshop on “THz Imaging, Systems and Technology”, Speaker: Dr. Goutam Chattopadhyay (Plenary Speaker), NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory California Institute of Technology; Dr. M S Hashmi (Expert Speaker), IIIT Delhi; Dr. Sunil Kumar (Expert Speaker), Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India; Dr. M Jaleel Akhtar (Expert Speaker), IIT Kanpur; Dr. R K Sharma (Expert Speaker), CEERI Pilani, Date: 18th February, 2016.

  2. IEEE AP-S Distinguished Lecture in Association with MTT-S “Advanced Antenna Systems for 21st Century Satellite Communication Payloads”, Speaker: Dr. Sudhakar K. Rao, Northrop Grumman, USA, Date: 3rd June 2016.

  3. Seminar on “LATEX- A Document Preparation System”, Speaker: Mr. Debdeep Sarkar, Date: 6th June 2016.

  4. Lecture on “Introduction to Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) based circuits and antennas”, Speaker: Mr. Soumava Mukherjee, Date: 30th September 2016 (Time: 16:00 to 18:00).


  1. Workshop on “Cell Phone /Tower Radiation Hazards and Solutions”, Speaker: Prof. Girish Kumar, Date: 30th April 2015.

  2. Workshop on “Microwave Filter in Communication Systems”, Speaker: Mr. Pavan Kumar, Com Dev. Ltd.

  3. One day workshop on “Introduction to Numerical Simulation Using Electromagnetic Solver”, Speaker: Mr. Abhishek Kumar Jha, Date: 9th July 2015.

  4. Workshop on “Ansys Electromagnetic Suite (HFSS)”, Speaker: Mr. Puneet, Date: 4th September 2015.

  5. Two IEEE talks on “Development in terahertz Technology for Astronomy”, Speaker: Mr. Colin Viegas, University of Manchester, UK and “Ultra-broadband MMIC Cascode Travelling Wave Amplifier Design on III-V Semiconductor”, Speaker: Ms. Priya Singhal, University of Manchester, UK, Date: 8th December 2015.


  1. Workshop on “Design of Circuits using Keysight EEs of EDA Design Tools”, Speaker: Mr. Pratik Khurana, Date: 9th September 2014.

  2. An Expert Lecture on “Pattern Diversity Antenna Design for Hand-held Terminals”, Speaker: Prof. Ramesh Garg, Date: 5th September 2014.

  3. Workshop on “Demo on Electromagnetic Solvers”, Speaker: Mr. Kushmanda Saurav and Mr. Abhishek Kumar Awasthi.

  4. One day workshop on “RF & Microwaves for the Cellular and Industrial Applications”, Place: AIACTR, Delhi, Date: 13th December 2014.

  5. Workshop on “Innovation to Wealth Creation -the Path @IIT Kanpur”, Speaker: Prof. B. V. Phani, Date: 27th December 2014.