Office Bearer Election

Upcoming office bearer election for MTT-S student branch chapter IIT Kanpur is scheduled in December 2017. The exact date is yet to be declared.

Nominate yourself and vote enthusiastically to be an active part of the SBC. The Nomination process will be up Online tentatively one week prior to the day of Election. The Voting will be done Offline by means of Ballot papers on the day of election. However, for any post for which only one nomination is received there will be no election and the candidate will be automatically selected for the respective post of office bearer. Only one office bearer post may be applied for by each individual and one must have valid IEEE and IEEE MTT-S memberships for the candidature. The nominations can only be made by the candidate himself/herself. No one can nominate any other person but himself/herself for any post of office bearer. Please note that the election procedure is subject to IEEE policy. The election is presided over by the election officer and the faculty adviser who are the sole decision makers for the whole procedure. All the office bearers and members of the chapter must abide by certain rules and regulations. Any violation of the protocol by any person may lead to cancellation of his/her candidature and/or will be barred from casting vote.

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