As the very first event, we were successfully able to host and conduct membership drive for the IEEE student chapter. The event targeted an audience which consisted of pupil pursuing certain specific domains including IoT, AI, Data Science, Cyber Security, Mobile Application and Cloud Technology in Computer Science Engineering. Those were Jain’s newly initiated CS-specialization branch members.

The event started with lots of humor and puns followed by the entry of IEEE designated treasurer, secretary, vice chairs and chair, the event quickly escalated to rather a more informative section where each speaker handcrafted his/her content to deliver precise knowledge about IEEE and merits of being associated and affiliated with a student chapter of IEEE.

With major discount season currently running in picture topped with their handpicked merchandized t-shirts and diaries, they were surely able to grab a lot of attention.

All-in-all the orators did a wonderful job displaying impressive crowd-control with their charismatic leadership and orating skills. The chapter made sure to include testimonies orating their experiences and conveying the actual worth of the membership cost. The event concluded with the whole IEEE student chapter clicking pictures marking a cheerful ending towards the success of hosting their first event.