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“Innovate IT, Till You Fabricate IT”

We at IEEE JSSATEN always work towards empowering others by constantly encountering problems and helping others achieve the same. We always try to find innovative solutions to the problems and find new ideas to the existing problems for its optimization.

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Under the guidance Dr. Anuradha Tomar Ma’am, the student branch of JSSATE, Noida was opened in the year 2019 to promote students to take initiative in the extra-curricular activities and learn more than what the curriculum can teach. This student branch is now managed by the executive committee members and under the guidance of Mrs. Gunjan Varshneya Ma’am.

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The student branch works according to the latest trends of the technological advancements and works to improve and innovate the ideas and bring forth a better future, not just for the students but also for the society.

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Nitya Srivastava

Curious, compassionate and goal oriented. Believes in smart work over hard work! Adherent to these words: "We rise by lifting others"

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Chitra Ranjan

A hard-working,sociable, active, ambitious and optimistic person.
People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with excellent communication skills.

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Rishabh Khare

Enthusiatic and helping, he tries to solve a problem by finding an innovative idea from his surrounding and implement it in the solution.

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Simran Jayaswal
General Secretary

A polymath, an inquisitive explorer, believes in doing any work with perfection with the forever and constant available tools of Science and Technology even if it requires pushing one's limits.

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Prateeksha Ranjan
PR Head

A highly motivated person who describes herself as a Philomath. Believes in achieving her targets before the deadline that too, with perfection. Loves to express herself through various mediums such as sketching, poetry etc.  

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Saurabh Yadav

I am responsible and epistemophilic type person . I am confident with my thinking analysis that I can convince people with my points. I am self-reliant, well behaved person. I take initiative whenever the situation arises.

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