Janta Curfew

Winners of Janta Curfew Event

Winners of Janta Curfew Event

> Article Writing Competition

> Article Writing Competition

These are some of the Selected Creative Ideas that we found to be good. Those whose idea didn’t made till here need not to worry as there will be plethora of opportunities in future to grab opportunities. Those who made till here Congratulations. 


Saumya Shukla

We always think that we get some time and do some work, but it is not possible. Time is still there but we don’t know how time went . Now is the time, for whatever reason, I know that this is a very serious time for the whole world. But we can use the time we are

Shagun Pandit

Yes, we all wanted holidays but when going out was not safe., we ended up stuck in our rooms. It's now becoming a bane which earlier seemed as a boon. I also tried killing time doing painting, writing, studying or watching my favourite TV serial Peshva Bajirao., but all of this became monotonous as corona shut down period extended.
Then I came with My Favourite Self Isolation Time pass idea., for next one week, I uninstalled all the social media apps (while you can just put them somewhere deep inside a folder) except the one which was necessary. Then I sat with my parents and siblings and told about how my life in college goes. And literally, I explained them everything, some of my jobulant friends, pranks we did with each other, our shopping stories, some unique lecturers, some of my past crushes and many more things. Which in the end, created huge laughters and humour and they found me connected with them more, I felt more poured out. We, the siblings also discussed our further plans for our careers. Then our parents brought out some memories from their childhoods too(stories we are obsessed with, though very enthralling).
The basic idea behind this activity was to find yourself closer to people, you're not left close enough with. Yes, it can be difficult convincing everyone to leave their phones, but as soon as you put your phone aside, it becomes very easy asking to others for doing the same.
So go for it., I hope it helps you killling this quarantine time.
Stay safe stay in.

Manish Kumar

Since we’re very lucky to live in an age of digital entertainment and don’t get me wrong – I will also be utilising that platform to watch some good web series and movies (motivational ,educational ,etc.) or you can try to learn some new skills which obviously you won't ...
You can also play some board games with your family making your bond more stronger OR you can read books and novels if you are a bibliophilic person...

Vedika Mishra

As a growing number of countries go into lockdown due to the coronavirus you can sit at your home and brush up your knowledge regarding different fields.The one who is preparing for any entrance exam or some competitive exam has a great time to revise and complete the syllabus.You can enrich your vocabulary by reading a number of books online in  single click.Apart from educational utilities you can enjoy music.As musicians and theaters have already started to stream performances online to make up for the fact that live performances have been cancelled or postponed.Many countries have started virtual tours for people.The Parisian museum offers three virtual tours including one of the moat that was the original perimeter of the Louvre when it was first built as a fortress by French king Phillippe Auguste and many other countries did so. Self isolation will help control the spread of the virus to friends, the wider community, and particularly the most vulnerable as well as it will help you to utilise your time in a progressive manner.