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DLP Talk On Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

DLP Talk On
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Date:16 December 2017 Saturday Time:11:30pm – 1.30pm
Venue:ESB Board Room, Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Dr Tapas Mondal
Pediatric cardiologist,
McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
In some developing and underdeveloped regions of the world,
individuals hold the belief that cardiopulmonary resuscitation can only be
performed by doctors in the hospital as that is the standard of practice they usually witness.
The first couple of minutes after a cardiac arrest and the kind of medical
assistance a patient receives in that time have a big impact on the survival rate of
the patient. Cardiac arrests can happen to anyone at any time, but statistics indicate
that they mostly occur out of the hospital. Thus, as a bystander, it is important to
know what to do during a cardiac emergency.
Dr. Tapas Mondal completed his pediatric training in India. He then moved to UK
where he had further training in pediatric cardiology. He finished his Fellowship in
Canada and began a Faculty position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of
Pediatrics at McMaster University with a cross-appointment at The Hospital for Sick
Children in Toronto. Dr. Mondal is primarily a clinician educator with a research
interest in fetal medicine and the development of the heart.
In 2009, Dr. Mondal was honoured with the “Best Teacher” award from McMaster
University and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2010. He also received the
Best Senior Resident honour from Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital in Delhi in 1994.
He has got several publications to his credit.
Primary Research: Fetal Medicine, Development of the Heart
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