How to write a technical article, Literature Survey and the effective use of IEEEXPLORE 15th April, 2015

The IEEE EMBS MSRIT Chapter, IEEE EMBS Bangalore Chapter in association with M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology (MSRIT), Bangalore, organized a session on “How to write an article, Literature Survey and the effective use of IEEExplore” on 15th April, 2015 at the MSRIT campus. The session was open to academic staff and students of all engineering disciplines from the industry.

The main objective of the session was to disseminate the importance of the know-how while writing a technical article and the advantages of making use of the IEEExplore  for research purposes, for referring articles by other authors and also for publishing articles on the IEEE platform. The session was conducted by Mr. Dhanukumar of IEEE, India and by Mr. G.S.

Javed, an alumni of MSRIT currently a research scholar,ARSL, at IISc.,Bangalore. The speakers emphasized on the importance of knowing how to write a technical article and the ease with which one can access  various articles for research or reference using the IEEExplore. They also explained why it is necessary to be aware of the various elements of a technical article such as the vocabulary used, the difference in writing for a journal and a conference and the various software tools available for organizing and displaying information in different forms (graphs, tables, figures, equations etc.) which enhance the readability of any article when used wisely.

The first speaker for the day was Mr. G.S. Javed , who gave a presentation on the various elements of a technical article. This included the type of formats to be used, font size, vocabulary etc. which enhance the overall readability of an article. He elucidated the importance of relevant figures, graphs, tables, equations etc. pertaining to the topic in an easily comprehensible format for the reader to understand/analyze the data/information being conveyed. He also addressed the issue of plagiarism and gave us advice to avoid such a situation by giving ample number of citations wherever necessary. With this, Mr. Javed concluded his interactive session with the audience while summarizing the presentation in a few lines.

 mr.javed 1mr.javed 2

Mr. Javed explaining the know how of technical writing

The next speaker of the session was Mr. Dhanukumar P of IEEE India who introduced to the students and faculty present, the advantages of the IEEExplore and why every technical writer must be familiar with this powerful and robust search tool for article or research purposes. The

IEEExplore comes in handy when one is looking for an article or any other work published by other authors either for reference or for further research in a particular topic or field. Mr. Dhanukumar gave us a hands on presentation on how to use the IEEExplore and the various search filters available to aid the writer in finding articles pertaining to any topic or field of interest. He also enumerated the many advantages of the IEEExplore , with tools such as advanced search and ease of access available for the benefit of the user.


Mr. Dhanukumar giving a live demonstration of the IEEEXplore

 The event proved to be extremely resourceful in terms of its content as well as intent. The students and faculty benefited from the exposure to the various elements of a good technical article and the know-how of good writing .The demonstration of the IEEEXplore was also very helpful in providing the students and faculty a robust search tool for researching articles from various journals and other publications. The seminar being a success, gave the participants a good knowledge of technical articles as well as a powerful tool to help overcome the challenges faced today when writing and researching for a technical article.