IEEE Standards Association with Technical collaboration with IEEE EMBS Bangalore Chapter and hosted by Kristu Jayanti College provides Medical IoT workshop.  This workshop provides in-depth knowledge and hands-on tutorial provided by the experts in the industry to quickly bring you to speed on Medical Devices and Healthcare in IoT. This is a great opportunity for Students and Professionals to absorb and engage in this upcoming domain.

Wearable, low-power medical devices hold the promise of vastly improving the efficiency and cost of end-to-end (E2E) healthcare delivery. While this is particularly true in developing countries, success in this burgeoning domain would benefit all of humanity, in both developed and emerging economies. This is the reason why almost every fortune 500 company is investing in Healthcare and IoT.

Topics Covered:

  • Building healthcare solutions using Android devices – Tutorial
  • Affordable Healthcare using Smart Phones and Kinect
  • Enhancing Connected Hospital Experience with smart & secure medical IoT Infrastructure
  • Shaping Medical IoT Through Standards Development
  • Wireless Connectivity for IoT in Healthcare
  • Remote Homecare – eClinic
  • Energy Harvesting Technologies for Point of care medical devices
  • Healthcare Innovations – Ongoing Research & Developments
  • Infusing the Xabilities to develop an IoT based Medical device

Expert Speakers

  1. Aniruddha S (Tata Consultancy Services)
  2. Bill Ash (IEEE Standards Association)
  3. Gopal Savanur (L&T Technology Services)
  4. Khasim Syed Mohammed (Linaro)
  5. N Venkatesh (Redpine Signals)
  6. Nihal Kashinath (IoT BLR)
  7. Parama Pal (RBCCPS, IISc Bangalore)
  8. Prabhakar T. V (IISc Bangalore)
  9. Ramkumar V (L&T Technology Services)
  10. Ravishankar Subbarao (Avaya)
  11. Sagar P M (Philips Healthcare)
  12. Satish Patel (Linaro)

Shaping Medical IoT through Standards Development

– Bill Ash, IEEE Standards Association

Mr. Bill Ash started the proceedings of day two with an interesting topic about standards. Being associated with this field for a long time, he was able to give a comprehensive view on the subject. Also, he investigated deeper into how standards helped technology to grow and penetrate the lives of millions people effectively. Mr. Ash also gave an overview into IEEE efforts to make standard for IoT framework namely P2413. Mr. Ash also gave an idea about how standards are built, and why standards are important, not only in IoT Framework, but in every field related with technology.